Manufacturing Technology Association of Biologics

MAB project

Main Research Subjects

Development of productive cell line construction technology

  • Rapid construction method of host cells
  • Advanced and high-quality technology for mammalian host cell improvement
  • Platform development for productive cell line construction by combining developed technologies

Development of high-performance cell culture technology

  • Next-generation single-use components
  • Advanced sensing and cell culture control technology

Development of advanced downstream technology

  • High-performance chromatography media
  • Single-use components for downstream processes
  • Virus-removal and inactivation processes
  • Package development for downstream processing

Development of advanced quality evaluation

  • Non-uniformity evaluation technology associated with structural change of biopharmaceuticals
  • Non-uniformity evaluation technology associated with aggregate formation of biopharmaceuticals
  • Non-uniformity evaluation technology associated with post-translational modification of biopharmaceuticals
  • Evaluation of technologies and combining them

Development of virus-security control technology

  • Establishing a base for virus-security testing
  • High-sensitive detection technology for virus-security control

Establishment of next generation platform technology adopted with international standards.

  • Platform development based on a single-use system
  • Seamless platform development from small-scale to large-scale
  • Strategic promotion toward international standardization
  • System arrangement for organizing cell bank construction

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